Alexander Wong

Associate Photographer

Alexander is a 20 year old private pilot and photographer. He’s based in Kingston where he works, studies and plays. His photographic journey started six years ago when he came up on a pre owned DSLR camera. He was delighted at the prospects of learning this new tool and using it to support his passion for making memories. Fashion, Lifestyle and weddings quickly became the focal point of his newfound talent. Alex’s ability to compose honest and straightforward images with a wealth of emotion and style is chief among his assets as a wedding photographer.

His calm and cool disposition paired with his focused creative eye makes him ideally suited to join TLY Associate Photographers. In 2016 he joined the group to work alongside Tiffany Lue Yen – a photographer with whom Alex resonates with creatively and professionally. Since then Alex has proven himself as a reliable and progressive photographer with great people skills and dedication to the fine art.

Alex enjoys immersing himself in travel, culture and art. He believes it’s in the continued exploration of those fundamental human joys that will continue to enrich his pursuit of a prolific career in photography. As a holder of a private pilot license and more photography equipment he can carry Alex looks forward to finding new perspectives to capture.