Ricardo Lewis

Associate Photographer

Ricardo Lewis is a professional photographer and frisbee player. His romance with photography was youthful and ambitious where as a child he fell for the instant gratification that came with his Father’s polaroid camera. His passion and verve for the art further matured after taking a photography course at Edna Manley Visual and Performing Arts School.

Ricardo has made a career in Wedding photography through his keen sensibility and style of shooting candidly in natural light. He enjoys merging his love for technology with that of photography, producing work that is visually appealing and meets the expectations of his clients. In 2012 he joined forces with Tiffany Lue Yen and has been a TLY Associate since 2013. Lewis’ innate enthusiasm for creating and capturing memories has guiding him through earning his stripes as a wedding photographer.

Between ultimate frisbee tournaments Ricardo enjoys cultural explorations through food seasoned with a joke or two. His reservedness affords him a level of comfortability in working as a photographer that is to be admired.