The Collection MoDa 2017

It’s that time of year again where in Jamaica Fashion and Design takes centerstage for the Collection MoDa weekend of events! It is always such a pleasure attending and photographing the moments from the runway and the industry moving tradeshow that follows. It’s great big ideas like these that really gets creatives like myself going. Not to mention the wealth of gratitude and proudness I feel for my fellow artists and entrepreneurs that retails and displays each year. It has been my honor to work alongside such a strong group of women that fuels the engine that is Collection MoDa. Having had the opportunity to shoot their  team portraits over the past 4 years I’m excited to see the 2017 production take full effect. Imagine a marketplace filled with over 80 Caribbean movers and shakers in fashion, food, art, lifestyle and more – that is MoDa Market. This year its takes place on Novemeber 11 and 12 at The Spanish Court Hotel Worthington. If you care for creativity and things made in Jamaica and the Caribbean then see you this weekend!

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