Kingston Bridal Week 2013

For the second year, I participated in Kingston Bridal Week. So many great things happened this weekend!

I decided to team up with Topp in Designz this year. Although a lot of work and sleepless nights, we had a blast creating our amazing handcrafted booth. We decided to put together something special for guest, Randy Fenoli – a handcrafted box by Topp in Designz filled with Jamaican goodies such as Walkerswood and Busha Browne’s sauces, “soaps by” Blue Mountain Aromatics and a custom cake by Selena Wong. He was so surprised! It was a real pleasure to meet one of the industry’s top experts.

We also launched our online wedding magazine, I Do Fluff, highlighting some of Jamaica’s most talented vendors in the wedding industry.  It is so much fun collaborating with like-minded creatives, co-founders, Sheri-Ann Toppin and Neil Buckle.

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