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Part of prepping for your dream wedding is making sure you look absolutely flawless on that special day. With over 6yrs of experience as a professional makeup artist and with bridal makeup as one of her specialties Loni Jones can ensure just that. “I’m an artist by nature so makeup comes natural to me. I also studied art and design so I have extensive knowledge on color, applications etc. My ultimate goal is to have my clients looking and feeling their best. When a bride’s face leaves my fingers she should feel confident from head to toe!” – Loni Jones.

With a varied sense of style, an artistic edge and a keen eye for detail Loni draws inspiration from every day life while staying current with trends in fashion which also influence makeup trends. “I love to look back at old images to see how makeup was done then, especially pictures of Grace Jones. Her makeup back then was the future!” says Loni.

Her experience, gained from working on a number of magazines, publications, music videos, television and film sets is constantly expanding. Customizing application and techniques to suit her clients taste is part of the package. “Makeup is art and art is unlimited where variety is concerned. However, I only get creative when I need to. I’m more of makeup for beauty kind of girl.”

Contact Loni Jones at lonijonesmakeup@gmail.com for bookings and more details!

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