My Creative Space

It’s been about a year and a half since I started using my home studio and office and I am so grateful to have a place to be creative and focus on the work at hand.  This project started in late 2012 and it took almost two years to get it to a stage that I was happy with.

As other creatives and freelancers may know, it is truly difficult to cover all fixed expenses not knowing when your next job is.  I have been working in the photography field for over 10 years now and for those who know me, they are aware of the AM hours I work and dedication that I have towards my career.  A home office is best suited for this reason.  As a business woman however, I do hope to operate outside of home one day and get to the level of business that I wish.

Aside from photography I enjoy interior decorating.  I have been watching home makeover shows since I was a teenager and so I was super excited to have my visualisation of this space come to life!  I have always liked unique and modern furniture, so I had my desk and shelf custom made from inspirations of pieces I had seen in magazines and online.  I truly love my nook.  More could be done but at some point you have to set limits on how much you spend 🙂

Of course I did not do all of this on my own as many electricians, engineers, carpenters, handy men and my family have contributed to this little space.

I especially want to thank my father for all his efforts and Earl, who meticulously crafted the cyclorama and did such a beautiful job.



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