Pretty in pink vintage bridal shower

From the moment Diba got engaged, Christmas Day 2014, I knew I had to plan something special for her for sure. Even though I am her wedding photographer, I had been made an honorary bridesmaid! Her wedding is finally here (tomorrow!) and I am so excited for her!

I’ve known Diba for about 8 years now. She had always been very helpful to me throughout the years and so when I was looking for someone to fill my assistant position she was the first person that came to mind. I needed someone I could trust and had my best interest at heart.

The inspiration for the shower was sparked from an evite she chose. It had a pink and gold water colour effect. The Moodie in Love backsplash was painted to model to this. I knew I wanted to have a somewhat vintage feel, with a back yard picnic vibe, so when I found the plates that looked like grandma’s porcelain, I was super excited. I had some items before, like the mason jars and the tea cupboard (which is really an aromatherapy housing). I thought that having walls around us, that were decorative, would really make an impact on guests. I began to think of cost effective ways of doing this and came up with the ideas of streamers 8ft in height minimum. Originally the shower was to be set outdoors on the lawn, but it rained and we had to move everything inside so it changed the overall feel and layout I was originally aiming for. The streamers should have been spread wider apart, but the elements were still there in pieces and I still love how it came to life!

I have always loved arts and crafts as far back as high school. I just don’t have the time to do it but I was determined to pull off a beautiful shower that would make Diba happy!


Diba, her friends and I started collecting bottles and tins for months making it a creative recycling project.  Creating the bottles was surprisingly fun and I enjoyed making each unique in design. I was curious to see it all come alive!

The watermelon cocktails as signature drinks were lots of fun for the ladies to create and looked even prettier in their personalized wine glasses.

Special thanks to Sheri-Ann of Toppin Designz for always making my vision come to life!

They say team work makes the dream work and this is so true. The help of the bridesmaids (Sue, Simin, Melissa) and others Lisa, Samira, Christina, Regina & Keon was needed to make everything look pretty and taste good.

Signs, labels & cupcake toppers: Topp In Designz | Candy Jars: Melanie Miller | Catering & Desserts: Siri Brown- Saunders


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