My husband and I chose to do a destination wedding; therefore, all of our research for vendors was done online. We found quite a few photographers in Jamaica, but ended up choosing Tiffany after comparing her portfolio and prices against the others. We are absolutely thrilled we chose her. She was very quick to respond back to emails. I really enjoyed the fact that she arranged a “Skype Meeting” beforehand, so we got a chance to meet and discuss our wedding day beforehand.

The Wedding Day:

Tiffany and her assistant photographer, Andre, showed up perfectly on time! And they had a bit of a drive to get to Montego Bay. Because Andre followed the guys around to shoot their ‘getting ready’ shots, I did not spend much time with him. My husband had nothing but good things to say about him though! He was a cool guy, easy to talk to, and very professional.

Tiffany was absolutely amazing. She was extremely professional, and made sure to make me feel special. At one point during our hair & makeup, the power went out in the salon, and it was starting to get pretty hot. She ran over and started fanning me with a magazine! She did everything she could to make sure I was perfectly comfortable and happy that day. At times, I barely even noticed her, though she somehow managed to get every shot you could possibly want for your wedding day. She was quick, efficient, and an absolute joy to have.

The Pictures:

My husband and I eagerly awaited to get her pictures. To my surprise, they came back faster than we both expected. There were far more than the 400-500 pictures that came with our package. They were all AMAZING. I don’t know how, but everyone looked stunning in the pictures. She captured every little moment. Her attention to detail is spectacular. I literally can’t stop looking through them all, they are all amazing!

If you are having any doubts, don’t! You will not be disappointed. I would highly recommend her, and would choose her again in a heartbeat!